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Philippe Garel


Philippe Garel  (b. 1945) , a French artist,  studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Quimper, Rennes and Paris. He has exhibited widely in Europe and the US including Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Bologna, Milan, Rome Turin, Munich, New York, Huston, Geneva, Amsterdam, He has also had retrospectives in France, Italy and Germany:  the “Sala delle Collonne” in Nonantola (Modena), the Panorama Museum in Leipzig,  the Cognacq-Jay Museum in Paris, the Arsenal Museum in Soissons, the Julio Gonzalez gallery in Arcueil, the Palais synodal in Sens, and the Matmut contemporary art center in Rouen.

His work as a painter is regularly punctuated with monumental sculptural creations, mainly in bronze, for public or private commissions, including the “Monument to Léon Blum” Place Léon Blum in Paris, the “Monument to Jean Perrin” in Reunion, “Maternité” in Yaoundé, “Claude Monet” in Rouen, “Arbre overturned” in Paris, “ The Encyclopedists” in Herblay, “La Marche” in N’ Djamena, “The Hippocratic Oath” in Rouen, “Le Panthéon” at the Château de Saint-Pierre de Varengeville, “Le Vent” in Bénodet.

Philippe Garel is a chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. and a member of the French Academie des Beaux-Arts. 

Available Works


Les Augures et Les Deux Ânesses

Color lithograph 

22" x 29" (56 x 73 cm)

Edition of 150



La Reine Esther


22"x30" (56X76 cm)

Edition of 150

No longer available

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