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Artist Andreana Dobreva talks Lithography with Deb

This past summer, Bulgarian artist, Andreana Dobreva came to our studio in La Force, France and got her first taste of lithography. As a painter, she took to the medium quite immediately especially when we introduced her to tusche wash. As printers, the goal is to make the transition from an artist's primary medium to lithography as easy and comfortable as possible to make the creative process flow freely. Giving them the right tools and drawing materials to translate their mark making, their ideas, their vision is key in a successful collaboration in printmaking. Deb and Andreana were interviewed by Silvia Positano of Emanuel von Baeyer London to talk in depth about each of their experiences working together, as printer and artist experience creating lithographs on stone for the first time. Read the interview on Printed Editions website here.

To see the prints created with Andreana as well as her paintings, click here.

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