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Philippe Ledru

After graduating from Decorative Arts in Paris, I left France and became a cultural worker at the French Embassy in Congo Brazzaville in 1967. A year later, I produced my first photographic report in Angola, alongside Portuguese commandos. .
Back in Paris in 1971, I obtained my press card as a freelance reporter-photographer.
After Cambodia in 1974, I joined the Sygma press agency, where for 17 years I traveled the world, as close as possible to major conflicts, festivals and the world of cinema.

Deauville, Cannes, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Bowie are my daily life. I do a job that I love!
I also have the opportunity to photograph personalities from “pop” culture — David Bowie, Jack Nicholson — as well as from the political and intellectual sphere, I publish a book of photographs at Grasset on Simone Veil — “Simone et les siens ".

Today, after having taken over all of my photographic stock, I am making a precise and severe choice of a very small number of photos.
I find a bit of my Arts Deco training in these carefully chosen photos. Jack Nicholson, The Pirate, the 2 James Bonds are also chosen, but my main choice is a photo of David Bowie...
With it, I leave the world of photography and move on to printing on the lithography technique. , which allows a new expression.

Exhibitions and galleries have replaced newspapers and magazines.

Available Works


Lithograph with leafing and hand coloring




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