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Daniel Authouart

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Daniel Authouart's (b. 1943) work is part of the movement of artists who, at the turn of the 70s, provoked by the contemporaneity of the work of American Pop-Artists, felt the need to propose a new form of narrative painting.


Growing up in the surreal setting of post war Rouen, he drew inspiration from films shown in the neighborhood cinemas. These first color films from across the Atlantic carried with them the "American legend".  As a young  artist, he draws, paints and discovers the work of Toulouse-Lautrec "Au Moulin Rouge". For the teenager whose culture was limited to cinema and comics, it's a revelation. Toulouse-Lautrec's style attracted him and Toulouse-Lautrec's work would be his gateway to the world of art.


Daniel received diplomas in painting, interior architecture and advertising from the Beaux-Arts in Rouen. At the same time as continuing his studies, he worked in interior design and advertising firms, without ceasing to paint. In September 1972 he met Geneviève, a young artist who encouraged and helped him to devote himself solely to painting.

Since the end of the war, New York has become one of the major places of artistic production.  It is also in New York that contemporary abstract or figurative schools were born (abstract expressionism, Pop art, narrative figuration). Authouart pays homage to all his precursors, he is their heir without being their disciple.


Available Works



Stone lithography 

66 x51.5 cm

Edition of 60




22 color lithograph

30"x34", 2023
Edition of 300

Du Flore Aux Deux Magots

23 color lithograph

30"x34", 2023
Edition of 300


23 color lithograph

30"x34", 2022
Edition of 300


La Fourmi 

23 color lithograph

30"x34", 2021
Edition of 300

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