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Jenny Polak & Dread Scott


Jenny Polak (b. 1974) and Dread Scott (b. 1965) are NY based artists whose collaborative work 

"focuses on the intersections of contemporary immigration from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe, with the legacy of forced migrations of the slave trade. It draws on Marseille’s role as a fulcrum for both forms of exchange. Research for the project has involved visiting people and places of the 21st century’s northward migration and examining historic records of leading 19th century Marseilles people-trader MM. Regis. We highlight the personal and cultural costs and benefits of ‘papers’ in migrants’ lives." 

This work is part of a series of prints "Passes" created in several different print studios and schools in response to their research into the history of slave trade and how this pattern is echoed in today's global refugee crisis and human migration.  /

@jennypolakstudio  /   @dreadscott

Available Works

DREAD SCOTT JENNY POLAK Liberté mon seul pirate lithograph

Liberté Mon Seul Pirate

11 color lithograph from stone

45.5" x 30.75" (120 x 80 cm)

Edition of 60

2022.  $1200

DREAD SCOTT JENNY POLAK Délivré lithograph


8 color lithograph from stone

37.5" x 28.5" (96 x 72 cm)

Edition of 40

2023.  $1000

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